Sudoku Whip Example

Sudoku Whip Example

Whip me


3 thoughts on “Sudoku Whip Example

  1. That’s it? How about your own analysis of how to find a whip, and why it works.
    Also tell us who and where is hodoku, and who named the “whip”. C’mon.

    • The Whip is Denis Berthier’s terminology. If you google Sudoku Whips you will see his stuff. Hodoku is a sudoku application for playing sudoku on your computer. You can google that also. You might want to google Sudoku lassos also. Here is one of his WEB pages. d I have looked at some of hyis examples and still don’t quite get it. I think it may actually be a uniqueness test – not sure he would admit that. Are your familiar with his 3D chains – only nrc(z)(t) and nrc(t) chains. Supposedly only those do lassos apply to. I have tried working through one of his examples – if you are interested I could share that with you? Here is one of Denis Berthier Links relavent to this:

    • I am still trying to figure it out myself. I can do it mechanically, but I still do not understand why it works. Berthier has posts about it and he has conversed with me some. So I am still working on it. Got distracted by coding Sudoku and solution into a shorter string – 48 chars so far. And trying to decide if a sudoku canonical form is something I need to understand. Shalom, Richard

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