Trip to Library, but I digress with 114th Stated Meeting of North Texas Presbytery

Well I just turned in all the books I listed in one of my previous posts because I did not have time to read them – because I am addicted to Soduko!   I am going to North Texas Presbytery this weekend and on Saturday the Stated Clerk abandons me!   I am supposed to do his job – good luck with that!   David Frierson pastor at Sherwood Shores has been doing this for about 15 years!  I am a newbie.

I have one thing to offer I can speak louder than most and generally don’t need a microphone.   I gave a report for the Ministerial and Church Relations Committee when I was the chair for one meeting – probably the shortest tenure ever!

I had to quit for health reasons, but I think few believe that.  Two pastors were suspended from their offices and one much beloved professor was excommunicated.   And all on my watch – not a very good record.   Still I loved serving on that committee and miss it very much.

Now I just help the Stated Clerk in the unofficial roll of Recording Clerk.   The only other asset I have other than speaking loud is I took it on to know at least the names of all 110 pastors (Teaching Elders (TE) in the PCA) in our North Texas Presbytery and that helps sometimes.

Actually Rev Dale Smith of the Colleyville Church who has mostly lost his hearing said that my report sans microphone was the first one he has actually heard in years!  He was a few rows away as I was projecting and talking/praying about phronema (transliterated Greek – look it up – Phil 2:5 is where I found it)

To be fair the Stated Clerk tried to get me some help, but no one can stand me.

Maybe I will get by if I just speak very loudly and confidently (while I am shaking in my boots on the inside)  One thing I know….

Everyone will very much appreciate our Stated Clerk, Rev David Frierson after this weekend.  Most of all yours truly!



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