OK, Now my Library Report – W. Walworth Harrison on Lou Finney Blvd.

Writers are getting smarter.  I tell everyone I read the end of a book first.  If it does not end well I won’t read it.  That is why I am a Christian, I read the last book of the Bible and God wins and so do His people!  Anyway I love the titles of some books.  Who could not read a book titled “The Last Place God Made”   by Jack Higgins – really masculine stuff – so you might want to take your testosterone shot first.   The doctor took mine away … So here is what caught my eye this trip (a lot of non-fiction this time – I know I must be getting sick!)

Hidden Cities by Moses Gates (Travels to the Secret Corners of the World’s Great Metropolises (Another Manhattan Hunt Club?)

BTW – Who are all these international bestselling NY-Times authors I have never heard of?

Addrenaline by Jeff Abbott – the author looks too young and he lives in Austin, TX – here is the ending “…I just acquired this bar.  The drinks are on the house”   Not TOO bad for an ending – we will see…

Ah I hope one of my favorite authors is on the rebound – his last book or so were duds IMO) – Jeffrey Archer – Best Kept Secret

Maverick Genius – The Pioneering Odyssey of Freeman Dyson by Phillip F. Schewe (as Ed Sullivan would say – bless his pea-picking heart – I hope it is a really good Schewe)

C.S. Lewis – A life  (Eccentric Genius.  Reluctant Prophet) by Alister McGrath

The last paragraph is Deja vu all over again as I have been reading, commenting on, and reflecting on “where were you”  not only in reference to Christ but to Nov 22, 2013 – 50 year anniversary of when the USA killed JFK – here it is:

Let the last word go to a charismatic, young American president, who died shortly after Lewis on 22 November 1963.  In a speech given at Amherst College four weeks before his death, John F. Kennedy, honouring the great American Robert Frost (1874-1963), paid a handsome tribute to the work of the poets and writers.  “We must never forget,” he declared, “that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth”  Lewis, I think, would agree”   (Also why I read fiction – seeking the truth in entertaining fashion)  I remember where I was – It was Thursday and I was in the 5th grade and I cried with all the others because I did not what else to do.

Another bestselling author I have never heard of: Suspect by Robert Crais – but he is about my age and one of his favorite authors of detective fiction is Robert B. Parker so he has to be a good guy!

Now here is a book whose title is one after my own heart!  Curiosity – How Science Became Interested in Everything by Philip Ball  The last sentence has me interested already – They are each little acts of homage to curiosity, and in consequence, to our humanity

Ah and how appropriate this is the last book I would pick up and write down as I close this post:  The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

I may not have much time left – I better get to reading!



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