OK, Now my Library Report – W. Walworth Harrison on Lou Finney Blvd.

Writers are getting smarter.  I tell everyone I read the end of a book first.  If it does not end well I won’t read it.  That is why I am a Christian, I read the last book of the Bible and God wins and so do His people!  Anyway I love the titles of some books.  Who could not read a book titled “The Last Place God Made”   by Jack Higgins – really masculine stuff – so you might want to take your testosterone shot first.   The doctor took mine away … So here is what caught my eye this trip (a lot of non-fiction this time – I know I must be getting sick!)

Hidden Cities by Moses Gates (Travels to the Secret Corners of the World’s Great Metropolises (Another Manhattan Hunt Club?)

BTW – Who are all these international bestselling NY-Times authors I have never heard of?

Addrenaline by Jeff Abbott – the author looks too young and he lives in Austin, TX – here is the ending “…I just acquired this bar.  The drinks are on the house”   Not TOO bad for an ending – we will see…

Ah I hope one of my favorite authors is on the rebound – his last book or so were duds IMO) – Jeffrey Archer – Best Kept Secret

Maverick Genius – The Pioneering Odyssey of Freeman Dyson by Phillip F. Schewe (as Ed Sullivan would say – bless his pea-picking heart – I hope it is a really good Schewe)

C.S. Lewis – A life  (Eccentric Genius.  Reluctant Prophet) by Alister McGrath

The last paragraph is Deja vu all over again as I have been reading, commenting on, and reflecting on “where were you”  not only in reference to Christ but to Nov 22, 2013 – 50 year anniversary of when the USA killed JFK – here it is:

Let the last word go to a charismatic, young American president, who died shortly after Lewis on 22 November 1963.  In a speech given at Amherst College four weeks before his death, John F. Kennedy, honouring the great American Robert Frost (1874-1963), paid a handsome tribute to the work of the poets and writers.  “We must never forget,” he declared, “that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth”  Lewis, I think, would agree”   (Also why I read fiction – seeking the truth in entertaining fashion)  I remember where I was – It was Thursday and I was in the 5th grade and I cried with all the others because I did not what else to do.

Another bestselling author I have never heard of: Suspect by Robert Crais – but he is about my age and one of his favorite authors of detective fiction is Robert B. Parker so he has to be a good guy!

Now here is a book whose title is one after my own heart!  Curiosity – How Science Became Interested in Everything by Philip Ball  The last sentence has me interested already – They are each little acts of homage to curiosity, and in consequence, to our humanity

Ah and how appropriate this is the last book I would pick up and write down as I close this post:  The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

I may not have much time left – I better get to reading!



Trip to Library, but I digress with 114th Stated Meeting of North Texas Presbytery

Well I just turned in all the books I listed in one of my previous posts because I did not have time to read them – because I am addicted to Soduko!   I am going to North Texas Presbytery this weekend and on Saturday the Stated Clerk abandons me!   I am supposed to do his job – good luck with that!   David Frierson pastor at Sherwood Shores has been doing this for about 15 years!  I am a newbie.

I have one thing to offer I can speak louder than most and generally don’t need a microphone.   I gave a report for the Ministerial and Church Relations Committee when I was the chair for one meeting – probably the shortest tenure ever!

I had to quit for health reasons, but I think few believe that.  Two pastors were suspended from their offices and one much beloved professor was excommunicated.   And all on my watch – not a very good record.   Still I loved serving on that committee and miss it very much.

Now I just help the Stated Clerk in the unofficial roll of Recording Clerk.   The only other asset I have other than speaking loud is I took it on to know at least the names of all 110 pastors (Teaching Elders (TE) in the PCA) in our North Texas Presbytery and that helps sometimes.

Actually Rev Dale Smith of the Colleyville Church who has mostly lost his hearing said that my report sans microphone was the first one he has actually heard in years!  He was a few rows away as I was projecting and talking/praying about phronema (transliterated Greek – look it up – Phil 2:5 is where I found it)

To be fair the Stated Clerk tried to get me some help, but no one can stand me.

Maybe I will get by if I just speak very loudly and confidently (while I am shaking in my boots on the inside)  One thing I know….

Everyone will very much appreciate our Stated Clerk, Rev David Frierson after this weekend.  Most of all yours truly!