2013.04.05 – Friday

Yesterday’s Book Haul from W. Walworth Harrison Library. #1 Lou Finney Lane, Greenville, TX:  Really an interesting mix!

1. Fishing For Catfish                                          by Keith B. Sutton
2. the backyard parables                                     by Margaret Roach
3. America’s Secret War  (non-fiction)                by George Friedman
4. You can Farm                                                  by Joel Salatin
5. Founders – A novel of the coming collapse     by James Wesley Rawles
6. The Man who was Thursday                            by G.K. Chesterton
7. Target Lancer                                                   by Max Allan Collins

#7 Is the 2nd book I have come across on the 50th year since JFK was killed.  Stephen Hunter’s book “The Third Bullet”  was outstanding.  Of course I love all things “Joel Salatin”!     G.K. Chesterton “The Apostle of Common Sense” is usually better in reinactments that you find on YouTube – he can be tedious to try – but I will give it another shot.  #3 is first non-fiction pleasure book I have tried to read in a while.  To go along with it I have Founders – I at least find these “survivalist” interesting.   Personally, I do not want to survive if it gets really bad – I would rather be with the Lord anyway!









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