Were You There?

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?    This song has really hit me hard this Easter season.    I reminded my local church that we remember right where we were when traumatic events happen in our lives, especially if we were young.   I just read another great book by Stephen Hunter – “The Third Bullet”  (about JFK).    When Nov 22 2013 arrives I can tell you exactly where I was 50 years ago.   It was a Thursday and I was in the 5th grade and I had a wonderful teacher I had a crush on – Mrs.  Russel.  When principal Mr. Johnson made ‘that announcement’ all the little girls in my class started crying.   I held it all together until Mrs. Russel started crying too and then I lost it!

I was a precocious child and I remember thinking there is no way Lee Harvey Oswald did this alone.   Years later I still believe that and I have read a lot of books on snipers and spies and such.    I understand that  2/3 of America no longer believes the Warren report.   Which means most of us now believe our government – or a part of it – killed one of our own presidents.   Stephen Hunter makes a lot of sense in his novel.   I read mainly fiction.  I have come to believe I find more truth in fiction – at least certain kinds of fiction.  The author is free to say what he really believes – after all it is fiction, right!

There is a lot more true then can be proven!


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