First Post for Sudoku in C#

The idea is to define what I think is a good system for playing Sudoku by hand – with paper and pencil – or with just a little computer help for the book keeping.   My first TIP is to circle those easy clues that come directly from the givens.  And work in pencil.  That should be obvious!  That way when you do make mistakes – and you will.  Erase the non-circled clues that came after the ones you were sure of.   Then ‘maybe’ you will not have to start from scratch.   I like most of John Welch’s Systematic Sudoku, but it is time for me to propose my own system.  One more in tune with the prevalent systems of nomenclature.  E.G. rows and column numbered – non of the K9 system with Rows alphabetic.  Cells will be called squares, 3×3 mini-grid called Blocks, and so forth so that I can reference Denis Bothier’s nomenclature which so far is the most rigorous treatment of Sudoku I have found that is still aimed at the human player.   This is just off the cuff remarks.  I will soon put together with a bit more thought the system I am developing.  Shalom.


Thinking of my own Sudoku site

Well it may be time.   I have read and interacted with some of the Sudoku sites, and I am ready to form my own system of playing sudoku.   It is a composite of a lot of other ideas.  I hope it to be practical, useable, and this way I can step on the toes of other sudoku experts with impunity!


Latest Book Haul from Greenville, TX Public Library

  • The Last Man            by Vince Flynn
  • Shadow of the Rock  by Thomas Mogford
  • The Book of Kills        by Ralph McInerny
  • The Janus Reprisal    by Jamie Freveletti
  • The Third Bullet          by Stephen Hunter

Robert Ludlum has been dead for almost 12 years now and yet he continues – although in my opinion not as good as the original – in the shape of other authors.   This time it is a female author.  Normally don’t read female authors, but it is Ludlum or Ludlum like and since she has a black belt in Aikido, I guess I will give her a chance!

Not sure how I have missed out on Ralph McInerny all these years.  Taught at Notre Dame for 40 years, written over 30 novels and highly acclaimed and I get the idea many of his mysteries involve Notre Dame as the setting.  Well we will see…..

Separation of Power by Vince Flynn was decent – combining anti-terrorist Mitch Rapp and a love story – not bad, not bad at all.   So today I got the “Last Man”  by Flynn.

Thomas Mogford is a new author to me and a bit younger that most the authors I read.  The old ones are ‘passing away’ so I need to find some younger authors to read.

Stephen Hunter is a really good writer.  I enjoyed his true story of “American Gunfight” about the attempted assassination of President Harry Truman in the early 50’s.   Now ‘The Third Bullet’ about the JFK assassination while a work of fiction – may have more truth in it than the largely discredited official “lie”  told by the Warren Report.   I ran across a recent quote from one of the novels I just finished which says something like ‘Control the rumors and you control the world”  The idea being that most things in this world are manipulated through lies, and innuendo.   Now I can believe that!

Well I better get to reading!