‘Zero Hour’ by Joseph Finder

My impression so far is quite positive.   When I start writing down a lot of things from a book I am reading I consider that a good sign.   This book reads better so far than “The Pawn” I just finished (not a Finder book).  I may have ignored Joseph Finder too long.   I will let me know when I finish because at this point I think I am the only one reading my own drivel!


Wikipedia survival – why I don’t care!

Maybe I got this all wrong… It was my understanding that Wikipedia was started on the premise of “information should be free”     Volunteers and ‘crowd contribution’ was to be the model.   Well now they are advertising for funds to keep going.  I am NOT inclined to give them a dime!  Why?    Well IMO this ‘experiment’ needs to be faithful to their initial ideals.  If it is to work then it should work according to the those founding ideals.   If it fails it should fail by those same standards.   If it now needs fund to keep going then let’s be honest and say the experiment is a failure!   Information is not free!   It costs to provide information.

You can not (or should not) have it both ways!    If Wikipedia wants to change the model that is their freedom to do so, but do NOT expect others to contribute to that effort.  Let’s just say it was a good run, but the original model failed.   Your experiment long term was a failure.   There is no free lunch!    IMO