SudokuInCSharpByRichardGoodrich submited to GitHub?   I think that is my link to a public hosting of a Sudoku Program I would like to submit to the Open Source community.  It uses some of the ideas of Denis Berthier’s “Hidden Logic of Sudoku” and John Welch’s Systematic Sudoku.

Hopefully some C# folks will help me out – PLEASE!




The Psalms

The Psalms speak to me.  Especially in the morning.   The Psalms teach me that to be accurate you must often be less prescise!    I think that is why the Pslams paint these word pictures to capture the truth.    Praise God for His Instruction through these Pslams that appeal to the whole person… to the intellect, to the emotions, and to the will.




Do not give a christian organization a break!

Sounds harsh.  However, I just hate it when some so-called Chistian organization expects me to give them a break for poor performance just because they are “christian”  We are God’s people we should excel at everything.  To quote from ‘Chariots of Fire’  the world needs muscular christians – where the youngest Heisman trophy winner is a freshman at Texas AS&M – my alma mater – btw.   Where Tebow plays Pro football.  I also think christians should be the smartest, the most succesfull and the most everything since the have been chosen by God.  But, I also know what God says in 1 Corinthians chapter 1 so I know there wont be many.  However we already have the greatest hero of ALL TIME – Jesus, the perfect God and the perfect Human!

Why I am a reformed calvinist, covenant, creed loving Christian

I am therefore I think!   That is why.   It is the best frame-work that fits the biblical data.  That simple.  There is an order to the denominations – the protestant ones anyway.   That is why I am a presbyterian and of course because God chose me to be one!  And not too much the other way around.   I know a lot of my brethren in other denominations will make it to Heaven, but with just a lot more guilt on their shoulders.   Shalom.

I agree with Lee Child about authors

I always check an author’s age and with few exceptions – such as technical subjects – I will not take an author too serious until he is at least in his 40s and usually 50+    Young authors just do not have the life experience.  And I prefer male authors.  There are a few female authors i will read.  P.D. James is one.  Gayle Lynds is another.  Of course Agratha Christie and a few others I can not think of at this time.  

Yes, in fact there is ONE really COOL lady author I am reading on my Kindle:  Esther Lighthouse Meeks – author of “Loving to Know”   Covenant Epistemology – Or how to you know what you know.    Of course being a ruling elder in the PCA – that would only make sense!


Oh, I forgot I am wanting to switch to Git via Github for my Source Code Management System.   I have a Visual Studio 2008, C# Sudoku player I started and want to get help finishing.   I think I will tackle this next.  Right now it is getting late and I need to continue reading “The Pawn”


Reason to keep my MacBook Pro

Yes, if I had not discovered terminal, Python, and the MissingManual series on OS X, I would NOT be using my Mac much!   I think Windows 7 and a decent PC surpasses the Apple experience.  This is the way it usually works for me.   I finally got a Mac when there was really no reason to do so.   Maybe now I have found a reason.  I know how to become ‘root’.  I know my Mac is finally going to open up to me.    I have become dangerous – “I have a little bit of knowledge”